Stabilyze® Your Routine! 

Great Taste: Stabilyze® nutrition bars are the best tasting low sugar nutrition and protein bar, we guarantee it!

Great Nutrition: Packed with high quality nutrients and specifically formulated to stabilize your glycemic response.

  • Only 4g of sugar and 6g Net Carbs
  • Fuel your work out with 12g of protein (whey and nut butters)
  • 8g of Pre-biotic fiber plus 21 essential vitamins and minerals your active body needs
  • Gluten Free

Great for on the Go: Perfect nutrition absolutely any time of the day!

  • Busy day – Stabilyze bars are the perfect meal replacement bar
  • After a workout – Plenty of high quality whey protein for muscle repair to be your go to protein bar
  • As a snack – half a bar will hold you till your next meal and help control nightly cravings
  • Economically priced so you can eat them every day




Stabilyze® nutrition bars WILL help you reach your GOALS!

Perfect balance of:

Protein, Fiber, and Nutrients


Control hunger

Maintain energy

Stop sugar highs and lows

Satisfy cravings the smart way

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Stabilyze Bars are Pacific Northwest Manufactured and Packaged:

We are a 100% Made in the USA product. All of our ingredients from the bars to our packaging is made in the USA. We have chosen to use only the best ingredients because this is what we believe your body deserves. None of our ingredients are sourced outside of the USA. So you can feel great about choosing Stabilyze® nutrition bars as part of your lifestyle to build a better you!