Brand Ambassador:  Kai Myers

“I am a diabetic whitewater kayaker, skier, and photographer, so it is critical that I have energy when I need it. Stabilyze bars have the added benefit of keeping my blood sugar where it needs to be, while tasting GREAT!”

Brand Ambassador: Ashley Perkovich


Olympic Competitor. StabilyzeMe Club Honorary Member. “I just wanted to let you know I received both the Dark Chocolate Coconut Cashew and Dark Chocolate Thin Mint Cookie bars from you and I love them!! 🙂 They have been great on the go and easy to grab and pack away as I have been rather busy lately. The nutritional composition is right up my alley and I love that they are such a “clean” product.”

Bio: My name is Ashley Perkovich and I was born and raised in Wyoming before moving to Washington at the age of 7. I began my athletic career as a gymnast at the age of 8 and participated in the sport competitively for 10 years through the club and high school curriculums. Upon graduating high school, I switched directions and became an elite level athlete in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. I have been involved in the sport for 6 years and have experienced many successes. I had the opportunity of being a resident at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for roughly a year and a half until I made the decision to continue my training at home with my coach Chris Heinig. I am a 2-time representative of the USA at international competitions and a 2-time National winner in National Championship and USA-level competition.

Brand Ambassador: Melanie Roach

Olympic Athlete in Training, Company Owner, Gymnastics Coach and Mom. StabilyzeMe Club Honorary Member


Brand Ambassador – Gabe Gibbs

Barbara Schiltz – Whidbey Island, WA

“I’m a nutritionist and love Stabilyze bars for my patients, my family and myself. They are a good source of protein and fiber, and they are the only bar on the market that has all ‘clean ingredients without any refined sugars and tastes great!”

Barbara Schiltz is a Registered Nurse (50 years), Certified Nutritionist (25 years), nutrition educator and consultant in private practice. As a research investigator at The Functional Medicine Research Center (FMRC) in Gig Harbor, Washington; Barbara monitored patients undergoing clinical trials for insulin resistance, Type 2 Diabetes, and obesity. She was instrumental in developing FMRC’s low glycemic index, Modified Mediterranean dietary program. Barbara co-authored a book with Scott Rigden, MD, ‘The Ultimate Metabolism Diet, Eat Right for Your Metabolic Type’ and other articles, including, “A Science-Based, Clinically Tested Dietary Approach For The Metabolic Syndrome”, published in Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders.

Sara Domingo – BMX Competitor

“My name is Sara Domingo and I use Stabilyze bars to keep fueled and healthy before and after practice and racing! They are the best bars to keep your energy up.”

Sara Domingo BMX Trophyphoto15_April2016

Customer Stories and Feedback

Cindy – Idaho

“I used to be addicted to unhealthy food.  I was introduced to Stabilyze bars by my physician who recommended I try them post gastric bypass surgery.  I have since lost 80lbs and I attribute a lot of my success to these bars.   I continue to incorporate them into my daily routine and I tell everyone how much I love Stabilyze bars!” 

Barry – Utah

“Stabilyze bars are helping me achieve my weight loss goals. I substitute a Stabilyze bar for one meal a day. They are delicious and they keep me satisfied!”

Marybeth – New Jersey

 “Stabilyze bars are really delicious.  I’m on a strict nutrition and exercise program, and these really help with occasional cravings, or even for breakfast with a banana!  Love them!!”

Greg – New Jersey

“I am a type II Diabetic and like eating a bar just before my weight lifting workout which usually lasts about 75 min.  Two days a week I run almost 2 hours and I like to eat one bar before and another mid-way between on those days.”

James – Idaho

“I eat protein bars for two reasons: I’m busy, and my body needs a boost, Stabilyze Bars just feel right.”

Kim- Eugene, OR

“I love that they are very healthy and I can keep in my glove box for if I need something right away. Great bars!”

Victoria- California

“I am not diabetic but was looking for a low calorie bar, delicious and not too sweet. My kids love these too.”


“I love your bars. My husband uses it in between meals and says it keeps him satisfied. My children who play soccer have converted from Cliff® Builder bar mint chocolate to the Stabilyze® Thin Mint. My favorite is the coconut cashew. My family really enjoys them. For myself, I am always looking for high value nutritional foods. Stabilyze bars are perfect and satisfying without all of the sugars and light on my stomach.”

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The Gluten Intolerance Group of Brazoria County, TX


Comments:  “I’m impressed with the low sugar content and the taste is good.”  “My favorite is the Coconut bar — I carry one with me in my purse!”  “I really liked the Stabilyze bars, I carried one in my purse to a ball game and ate that instead of the usual junky concessions offered, and it was tasty and loaded with nutrition.”

Online Customer Feedback

Customer Service, Environment, Quality, Wait Time
The staff were so accommodating. I had an online order to pick up at their location. Their were friendly, and engaging staff.
Loved the free sample at the entrance which was a very pleasant surprise. No other Bars on the market compare to taste and effectiveness of these Bars.
Love them and they are the only Bar I will buy!!
Thanks innova